A Taste of England in Tropical Splendour Conveniently Located at Sukhumvit soi 21

Open Daily: 10 AM-11 PM, Every Day of the Year

We are centrally located in downtown Bangkok, next to the big billboard of Plus 500 and NinjaTrader trading software. Coming from either direction on Sukhumvit, you will easily see our sign.

Opened in November 2017, Fish and Chips Bangkok is the new place to taste the “fast food” that England delivered to the world: Fish and Chips. Done properly, this handy and hearty meal satisfies everyone from the dock worker along the harbour to those patronising some of the fanciest restaurants in England. Make no mistake about it, the food that once connected different parts of the world is available to you in Bangkok.

Our founder, former owner of online gambling company no deposit bonus casino, where you can compare uk casinos and play Online Cricket Games 2019 restaurateur Eric Richardson knows how important it is to prepare this English staple in a proper manner. Born and raised in Manchester, a large city in central England, he enjoyed all of the foods on our menu while growing up in his hometown. Later, he opened a successful chain of restaurants in Manchester that specialised in fish, chips, sandwiches, and appetising sides. Soon, competitors struggled to catch up with him! After traveling to Thailand and discovering its beauty and diversity, Eric Richardson decided to move here, focusing his business enterprises in his adopted country.

Now he’s brought his taste-tempting dishes here, to the crossroads of southeast Asian cuisine. The first restaurant in Thailand’s central capital city to specialise in traditional fish and chips and other British fare, the menu combines dishes that one might find in a traditional English restaurant with the convenience of an upscale, affordable fast food setting. Cleanliness and attention to service are our top priorities as you dine in our clean facility or choose to take out your purchase.

What can you expect during your visit?

When you arrive, you will see some of our tables outside, cafe style, along the sidewalk for those who wish to chat and watch the busy world pass by them. Inside, the menu board offers all of our options in both English and Thai. To give a taste of home, those from the United Kingdom will notice the Union Jack and other British-themed mementos that will remind them of the hometown pub, restaurant, or vendor where they enjoyed their fish and chips.

Ordering is easy. You make your selections, order at the counter, and take the receipt that has a number atop it. For those eating within, find a table after grabbing any condiments you need at one of the three convenient stations in the dining room. Your order will be brought shortly. For those taking out, grab your condiments and we shall call you promptly. While you wait you can take out your mobile phone and head over to Asiancasinoclub or Asiancasinocentral for some casino recommendations. Those two are the most popular casino websites in Thailand right now.

Fish and Chips Bangkok is not just another fast food outlet in an already crowded market. To the contrary, we serve high quality selections, including a variety of healthy and vegan options, with the speed and precision of a fast food restaurant, but the ambience and feeling of the neighbourhood pubs that blanket the English landscape. If you have never been to the United Kingdom, we take you there through the foods we serve.

If you are not familiar with our menu, please give us a visit and try some of our offerings. When we opened our doors, we knew of the amazing seafood dishes that define Thai cuisine. We also recognize the popular seafood dishes of other countries in the region, such as Laos and Vietnam. We understand that many people throughout the world think of a greasy burger and soggy fries when they hear the phrase, “fast food.” At Fish and Chips Bangkok, we take a different path. Rather than reinventing southeast Asian foods, we bring the taste of England here. Unlike other Western fast food companies, we go beyond their claims of serving billions by focusing our service on you. How? Come by and find out when you taste our selections. Hopefully you will win someday the jackpot when you gok in de nieuwste online casinos, or at the popular online casino Leovegas! It happend to me at the mr green uitbetalen.

We hope you visit soon, come back frequently, and share your experiences often.