Fun Things to Do and See in
Thailand’s Sukhumvit

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While there are many amazing places to visit in Bangkok, one of the most exciting, lively, and fun places to go to is Sukhumvit. Sukhumvit is considered to be Bangkok’s chief commercial district, and this is where you can find many popular tourist destinations such as shopping malls, trendy restaurants, and popular nightclubs. 

A large portion of Bangkok’s expat population lives in or near Sukhumvit because there’s always something to do! There’s always a new restaurant to try, a new store to visit, and a new bar to enjoy with your friends.

If you’re unsure where to go in Sukhumvit for the first time, here are some of the best places to visit to enjoy the lively and friendly atmosphere of the area:


Terminal 21

step into Terminal 21

From the moment you step into Terminal 21, you might feel like you’ve magically teleported to other countries around the world! This massive shopping mall is located in Asok, and it is designed to look like other famous shopping districts. It features nine floors, and each floor is inspired by a different location.

On one floor, you might feel like you’re in the bustling streets of Istanbul, wandering around a zouk. Go up a floor, and you’ll suddenly find yourself in the maze-like streets of Tokyo City. If you go up another floor, you’ll see a scene that appears like San Francisco’s world-famous Fisherman’s Wharf! As an added bonus, even the main hall is designed like an airport departure area.

Octave Rooftop Bar & Lounge


After a long day of walking up and down Sukhumvit, you might just want to relax, sit back, and watch the sunset with a cold drink in your hand. If this is the case, head on over to Octave Rooftop Bar & Lounge. This amazing bar is located on the rooftop of the Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit.

The crowning jewel of this bar is the 360-degree circular lounge, giving you a spectacular view of the city at night! You’ll be able to see gorgeous city lights as far as the eye can see.

Benjasiri Park

wonderful oasis

You might think that in a bustling city such as Bangkok there are no green spaces, but a visit to Benjasiri Park will prove you wrong! This wonderful oasis is a place of rest, relaxation, and leisure that’s popular with locals, tourists, and expats.

There are various outdoor facilities such as a basketball court, tennis court, and swimming pool, but if you just want to stroll around, there are various sculptures placed all around the park for you to appreciate and enjoy.

Soi Cowboy

If you’re looking for something a little bit more unconventional and off the beaten path, a visit to Soi Cowboy is the perfect way to end a night out in Sukhumvit. This area is known as one of Bangkok’s most popular and lively red-light districts, and it was named after the man who opened the first bar there during the 1970s. Yes, he wore a cowboy hat! Soi Cowboy is often packed with tourists and expats who are looking for a cheap drink, a good meal, and some fun. It’s always best to visit this area with a sense of adventure and an open mind!