Other typical U.K. customs; casinos

Whether you are a native Thai looking to get to know the British culture, or a Brit living in Bangkok longing for a small piece of home. In both cases you will love to find out that we will be opening a real British pub later this year. But first we will open something else that you might enjoy, at least the Brits do. It’s a casino, with an online casino added to it. The best part about it is that you cannot get caught for illegal gambling when playing at the Legally Thai Love Casino, or the LeThaL Casino.


How is it possible?

We’ll explain to you how to be able to gokken in a real casino without breaking any laws. First of all, we opened a land based casino with all the games that you are used to, called the LeThaL Casino in Bangkok’s main party district. The only difference is that you cannot use real money for the games or the machines. You can only play in the LeThaL Casino using chips that are provided when ordering one of our special cocktails. These cocktails range from €5 to €10 each and they can offer different amount of chips.

Take it to the online casino

The LeThaL Casino can also be found online and works just like a regular online casino. Just like in the land based version, here you can also only gokken by ordering special cocktails off our menu. You can order them in our casino and ask for an online code instead of chips or you can order the cocktails by phone with your credit card. If you want to read a review about our casino first, just search for gok in de nieuwste online casinos and you’ll quickly find one.

Is it legal?

We can understand that you might worry about whether or not our casinos are legal in Bangkok, but the fact of the matter is that you are not gambling real money. You are playing with chips that we are providing as a courtesy when buying one of our special cocktails. So legally, you are not risking anything, you are just having drinks and a good time in a fake casino. Fake in a way that we don’t advertise our prizes and we also don’t make a big deal if you win anything. All of this to just lay low in our casino.

Which cocktail can I order to be able to play?

First of all, you can order the Craps the game cocktail that is made out of chocolate in combination with the liquor of your choice. Then our Mojito is called Roulette, if you choose a different fruit, you’ll get a different country. We also have a liquorice cocktail called Blackjack. And a Caipirinha called Baccarat. You can use two different kinds of fruit for that. You can also opt for the fruit machine, which is basically a Sex on the Beach. Lastly, our Cosmopolitan is called a video slot.

No limits

We don’t pose any limits as to how many cocktails you can order. And you can also pick them up whenever you want, you don’t have to drink them right away. You can opt for receiving the chips before drinking. This is better anyway, because casino games are best played sober. Even if you are not wagering real money. If you feel like you have done enough gokken, you can also use the chips to buy a ticket to one of our shows. These take place on every last Saturday of the month and they’ll make you feel like you are in Vegas.

Casino advice

First and foremost, we can advise you to never play in any casino that you cannot find with the following search term gok in de nieuwste online casinos. Secondly, like we said before, never play under the influence. It might cause you to make decisions that you’ll end up regretting.