Authentic chippies in Thailand? Yes, you can believe it. If your travels ever bring you to the beautiful and charming city of Bangkok, you MUST visit Fish and Chips Bangkok. The haddock was cooked perfectly, with fries having the crispiness one would expect in some of the better restaurants of the London metropolitan area. Hard to believe that a fast food restaurant half a world away can do it, and do it so well.

Cindy Wexford, Restaurant Reviewer

Daily Star
Cod was white and flaky, with a perfectly textured golden batter. . . . The sides available are varied and diverse, including all of the standards you would expect in your neighhourhood store: coleslaw, sweet corn, picked gherkins, and mushy peas. Consider the onion rings if you want to taste a crunchy, perfectly fried one, rather than the soggy or overly greasy ones that you may find as your local stores elsewhere. Portions are very generous for the prices posted. If your travels bring you this way, I cannot encourage a better place in Bangkok for Birminhamians to visit,

Donald Landon, Food and Leisure Contributor

Birmingham Post
In a country well known for its ability to cook tasty morsels of fish, a true surprise indeed! Those living in or visiting Bangkok can experience so many varieties of Thai cuisine, of course, but the long lines queuing outside Fish and Chips Bangkok will be rewarded for their decision. The clean restaurant—not your usual fast food place—gets people in quickly, and once inside, gives them reason to return. Where else can you get perfectly prepared mushy peas in this corner of the world?

Margaret Essex, Asian Life Correspondent

The Guardian
This first-class fish and chips store may be half a world way, but it transports you back to the meals of your childhood. The savoury and crunchy filets of cod cannot be matched anywhere outside of England proper. A variety of accompaniments are available to complement the main offerings and all are offered at reasonable prices and with generous portions. Flakey fish and even a fine variety of drinks, everything from a locally-inspired bubble (they call it “boba’) tea to the more traditional English tea. When visiting southeast Asia, I can find no better alternative if you seek a quick and delicious meal that meets your yearning for things back home!

Jonathan Osbourne, Food Critic in Residence

Lincolnshire Echo
Usually, during my travels to this distant corner of the world, I seek the exotic that forms the dietary traditions of the locals. This time, I decided to try a taste of ‘home’ by walking into this clean, comfortable, and very British chippy store in this Asian city. I was rewarded for my decision. A variety of fish and chips dishes, as well as burgers (fish, chicken, and fish-based), pies, and jacket potatoes that have that authentic British taste that one might expect could never be replicated outside of the UK. All of this and in a restaurant that gives the best taste of a true British meal yet at an affordable cost that leaves you wanting more. My recommendation for those coming but not wanting the traditional cod is that they try the calamari. You will never be disappointed.

Trevor Bordon, Senior Food Review Editor

Mid Sussex Times